Report on Circular Economy Transition

A recent survey by DNV and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) reveals that the circular economy is rising on corporate agendas around the world. Despite the growing attention in the public, among legislators and companies, the shift to business models that design waste out of the system seems to progress slowly.  The ViewPointContinue reading “Report on Circular Economy Transition”

World’s Largest Commercial Seawater AC System

SEAMOR Marine customer Copetech-SM is partnering with GEOCEAN, among others, to assemble the world’s largest commercial seawater air-conditioning system (SWAC) for the French Polynesia Hospital Centre (CHPF). The SWAC system will be 3.8 km in length and provide cooling capacity close to 6 MV. This spring, Copetech purchased its second SEAMOR Chinook system. Learn more at: