World’s First Recyclable Wind Turbine Blade

Wind power is one of the cornerstones in the quest to tackle the climate emergency. With more than 200 GW of new offshore capacity projected by the Global Wind Energy Council to be installed by 2030, it is critical to quickly introduce recyclable solutions. Siemens Gamesa is leading the way for a sustainable future withContinue reading “World’s First Recyclable Wind Turbine Blade”

World Ocean Summit Mar. 1-5

World Ocean Summit Week: Accelerating a sustainable ocean economy will take place virtually Mar. 1-5. This virtual event (hosted by The Economist) aims to shape and accelerate how governments, businesses and society can work together to create a sustainable blue economy. Participants will explore the role the ocean plays in tackling climate change, enhancing biodiversity,Continue reading “World Ocean Summit Mar. 1-5”

Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation

Endowed with over 1,000 miles of coastline, tens of thousands of acres of protected conservation and recreation lands, world-renowned marine technology and research organizations, and a reputation as an internationally known coastal vacation choice, the Cape Cod region is truly a maritime-centered destination in which to live, work play, and create. Launched in 2015 byContinue reading “Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation”

RFP for Sustainable Marine Aquaculture

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, in partnership with the NOAA Fisheries Office of Aquaculture, is issuing a request for proposals (RFP), seeking marine aquaculture pilot projects focused on sustainable aquatic farming techniques and regional business practices to grow U.S. domestic seafood. The geographic scope of the proposed projects is the U.S. East Coast statesContinue reading “RFP for Sustainable Marine Aquaculture”

Tanki: Sustainable TP

In support of global initiatives to reduce the amount of pollutants discharged to the marine environment, a U.K. start-up has developed a revolutionary sanitary paper that uses no adhesives or other nanoplastics in its manufacture. Tanki is able to supply a sustainably sourced and produced paper that does not congeal to clog up a vessel’sContinue reading “Tanki: Sustainable TP”