World’s First Recyclable Wind Turbine Blade

Wind power is one of the cornerstones in the quest to tackle the climate emergency. With more than 200 GW of new offshore capacity projected by the Global Wind Energy Council to be installed by 2030, it is critical to quickly introduce recyclable solutions. Siemens Gamesa is leading the way for a sustainable future withContinue reading “World’s First Recyclable Wind Turbine Blade”

New Marine Conservation Social Fund

Sea-Changers has launched its new Marine Conservation Social Fund to support socially beneficial marine conservation approaches and solutions. It is well documented that time spent in and near the ocean can have a hugely positive impact on well-being. It is also the case that volunteering has both individual and community cohesion benefits. That is why Sea-Changers isContinue reading “New Marine Conservation Social Fund”

World’s First NFT Marketplace

World of Waves ($WOW), a nature conservation effort fueled by the intricate world of cryptocurrency, has announced the world’s first NFT Marketplace dedicated to cleaning up the oceans, protecting and preserving ocean wildlife, and promoting sustainability in all practices. $WOW is a frictionless yield and liquidity generating token with a limited supply of 2 billionContinue reading “World’s First NFT Marketplace”

Total, Microsoft Partner for Net-Zero Goals

Total and Microsoft have agreed to collaborate as strategic partners to further digital transformation and support progress toward net-zero emissions. Total’s global presence and market knowledge can support Microsoft’s sustainability objectives, including its 2025 target for renewable energy, and contribute to the energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction efforts of its data centers. Total willContinue reading “Total, Microsoft Partner for Net-Zero Goals”

Dupont Facilitates Subsea Desalination

DuPont has entered into a collaboration with Waterise to provide seawater reverse osmosis membranes and expertise to the company’s subsea desalination plants. Subsea reverse osmosis (RO) desalination presents a sustainable and more economical new way to turn seawater to freshwater. As subsea desalination leverages the natural hydrostatic pressure found at the depths of the seaContinue reading “Dupont Facilitates Subsea Desalination”