Chevron Framework for Carbon Capture Projects

Chevron U.S.A. Inc., through its Chevron New Energies division and a subsidiary of Enterprise Products Partners L.P., announced a framework to study and evaluate opportunities for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) from their respective business operations in the U.S. Midcontinent and Gulf Coast. The companies expect the initial phase of the studyContinue reading “Chevron Framework for Carbon Capture Projects”

Studying Undersea Rocks to Predict Earthquakes

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has estimated the number of earthquakes at about half a million a year. Some of these powerful temblors have devastated nations with thousands of lives lost and billions of dollars required for economic recovery. Scientists are monitoring areas such as California’s San Andreas Fault and Turkey’s North Anatolian Fault toContinue reading “Studying Undersea Rocks to Predict Earthquakes”

Study Looks at How Shipworms Eat Wood

Humans have known for over 2,000 years that shipworms, a worm-like mollusk, are responsible for damage to wooden boats, docks, dikes and piers. New research from the University of Massachusetts Amherst published in Frontiers in Microbiology reveals that we still don’t know the most basic thing about them: how they eat. Cellulose in wood isContinue reading “Study Looks at How Shipworms Eat Wood”

Hydrogen Production from Offshore Wind Power

EDP, TechnipFMC and other research partners are joining forces to develop a conceptual engineering and economic feasibility study for a new offshore system for green hydrogen production from offshore wind power, called the BEHYOND project. The study will include innovative integration of equipment for the production and conditioning of green hydrogen andinfrastructure that allows forContinue reading “Hydrogen Production from Offshore Wind Power”

Life Could Exist in Jupiter’s Clouds

Jupiter’s clouds have water conditions that would allow Earth-like life to exist, but this isn’t possible in Venus’ clouds, according to the groundbreaking finding of new research led by Dr. John E. Hallsworth at Queen’s University Belfast.  For some decades, space exploration missions have looked for evidence of life beyond Earth where we know thatContinue reading “Life Could Exist in Jupiter’s Clouds”