Kongsberg Joins Seabed 2030

The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project and Kongsberg Maritime have entered a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in support of the global initiative to produce the complete map of the ocean floor. Under the terms of the MOU, the two parties will work together to advance understanding of ocean bathymetry. The effort complements the goals ofContinue reading “Kongsberg Joins Seabed 2030”

Studying Undersea Rocks to Predict Earthquakes

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has estimated the number of earthquakes at about half a million a year. Some of these powerful temblors have devastated nations with thousands of lives lost and billions of dollars required for economic recovery. Scientists are monitoring areas such as California’s San Andreas Fault and Turkey’s North Anatolian Fault toContinue reading “Studying Undersea Rocks to Predict Earthquakes”

Iceland May Be Remnant of Ancient Continent

A new theory argues that Iceland may be the last exposed remnant of a continent called Icelandia that sank beneath the North Atlantic Ocean about 10 million years ago. This goes against long-standing ideas about the formation of Iceland and the North Atlantic, but the researchers say the theory explains both the geological features ofContinue reading “Iceland May Be Remnant of Ancient Continent”

Saildrone Makes Autonomous Voyage from SF to Hawaii

The uncrewed, autonomous Saildrone Surveyor has arrived in Hawaii after a groundbreaking maiden voyage from San Francisco to Honolulu.  While ocean crossings are nothing new for Saildrone’s autonomous surface vehicles, the Saildrone Surveyor is a new, much larger class of vehicle optimized for deep-ocean mapping. During the 28-day voyage, the Saildrone Surveyor sailed 2,250 nauticalContinue reading “Saildrone Makes Autonomous Voyage from SF to Hawaii”

Volcanic Activity on Europa

Jupiter’s Icy moon Europa may have enough internal heat to trigger volcanic activity on the floor of its global ocean, according to the results of a new study. Europa is considered to be one of the most promising locations in our solar system for extraterrestrial life. Europa’s outer surface comprises a miles-thick ice shell rivenContinue reading “Volcanic Activity on Europa”