High-Tide Flooding on the Rise in US

NOAA has released the 2021 State of High Tide Flooding and Annual Outlook, which documents changes in high-tide flooding patterns from May 2020 to April 2021 at 97 NOAA tide gauges along the U.S. coast and provides a flooding outlook for these locations through April 2022, as well as projections for the next several decades.Continue reading “High-Tide Flooding on the Rise in US”

White Paper: Investing in Blue Tech Clusters

TMA BlueTech and The Ocean Foundation co-sponsored a white paper entitled “The Blue Wave: Investing in BlueTech Clusters.” The two organizations call for a U.S. Apollo-style “Blue Wave Mission,” focused on innovative technology and services to promote sustainable usage of the ocean and freshwater resources. Within this critical report is a number of recommendations that would increase access toContinue reading “White Paper: Investing in Blue Tech Clusters”

Report Highlights Role of Ocean in Carbon Solutions

The Marine Conservation Society has launched a new report in partnership with Rewilding Britain that highlights the need to look to blue carbon solutions in tandem with those on land to help the U.K. reach net zero by 2050. The significant role of the world’s forests in helping to reduce carbon emissions has been recognized, resultingContinue reading “Report Highlights Role of Ocean in Carbon Solutions”

Report on $609 Billion Global Offshore Wind Industry

Quest FWE has published its “Global Offshore Wind Market & Forecast Report 2021 – 2034 Vol 2.”  This comprehensive 168-page report dedicated to global offshore fixed and floating wind illustrates the growing market opportunities across the supply chain over the next approximately 15 years, including the most active developers, potential market size, pertinent project activity details, and otherContinue reading “Report on $609 Billion Global Offshore Wind Industry”

2020 Sustainable Ocean Summit Report

The World Ocean Council (WOC) 2020 Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) Report is now available. The report states the global ocean business and investment community’s priorities on key sustainable development issues: • ocean investing• Law of the Sea• port infrastructure adaptation• industry data collection• biofouling and invasive species• Arctic science and industry collaboration The full reportContinue reading “2020 Sustainable Ocean Summit Report”