Grants for Red Sea Reef Research

The Red Sea Reef Foundation (RSRF) has awarded research grants to five scientists from Israel and Jordan who are studying corals in one of the world’s largest marine refuges from climate change. Each selected project involves an innovative approach, such as using deep neural networks to derive data on coral reef fish populations, characterizing corals’Continue reading “Grants for Red Sea Reef Research”

Video Game Helps Develop AI for Coral Research

Marine ecosystems are in the midst of a conservation crisis, with coral reefs in particular facing numerous challenges as a result of climate change. In an effort to better understand these environments and the threats they face, researchers collect huge image libraries of these underwater environments, using 3D imagery collected from divers and snorkelers, asContinue reading “Video Game Helps Develop AI for Coral Research”

Flower Garden Banks Marine Sanctuary Expands

Fourteen critical reefs and banks in the Gulf of Mexico are now protected under an expansion of Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary that will triple the size of its protected waters. The expansion means increased protections for important habitats and species, such as the whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, mollusks, crustaceans, birds, andContinue reading “Flower Garden Banks Marine Sanctuary Expands”