Reducing Offshore Carbon Emissions

On June 24, industry experts will discuss efforts to reduce emissions from offshore production facilities as part of the NOIA ESG Panel on Reducing Carbon Emissions. The panelists are: Mike Paulin, Intecsea, technical advisor. He will discuss design approaches for offshore facilities that help achieve emission reductions. Monica Bøe, Equinor Production International (EPI), vice president safety, security and sustainability,Continue reading “Reducing Offshore Carbon Emissions”

Windship’s Triple-Wing Rigs

Windship Technology, a British company with a whole-ship solution to tackle the CO2 emissions of the shipping industry, has unveiled its designs and announced an investment partnership with one of the world’s leading classification agencies. Technical Director Simon Rogers and his design team developed and tested the company’s patented triple-wing rig. The technical team furtherContinue reading “Windship’s Triple-Wing Rigs”

Yara Marine X Winner

Yara Marine Technologies has chosen a winner for the Yara Marine X program: Phoenician Energy’s aluminum-air battery technology for the maritime industry. The container battery concept taps into several recent trends and developments, such as circular economy and electrification of marine vessels. “We believe this technology may have an important role to play in aContinue reading “Yara Marine X Winner”