‘Science State of the Union’ on Plastics

5 Gyres hosted a virtual “Science State of the Union” on World Oceans Day earlier this month about plastics science. It discusses the past, present and future of plastic pollution science as it relates to innovation and policy. Watch the event here.

Volcanic Activity on Europa

Jupiter’s Icy moon Europa may have enough internal heat to trigger volcanic activity on the floor of its global ocean, according to the results of a new study. Europa is considered to be one of the most promising locations in our solar system for extraterrestrial life. Europa’s outer surface comprises a miles-thick ice shell rivenContinue reading “Volcanic Activity on Europa”

Report Highlights Role of Ocean in Carbon Solutions

The Marine Conservation Society has launched a new report in partnership with Rewilding Britain that highlights the need to look to blue carbon solutions in tandem with those on land to help the U.K. reach net zero by 2050. The significant role of the world’s forests in helping to reduce carbon emissions has been recognized, resultingContinue reading “Report Highlights Role of Ocean in Carbon Solutions”

Q&A Today: Funding for Community Research on Ocean Renewable Energies

MIT Sea Grant is hosting a Zoom Q&A session Apr. 15 at 12-1 p.m. for the funding opportunity: “Advancing Research for the Co-Existence of Fishing, Coastal Communities and Regional Ocean Renewable Energies.” The session is open to any researcher. You can access the funding announcement and full RFP here. You can register for the Q&A session here.

Dupont Facilitates Subsea Desalination

DuPont has entered into a collaboration with Waterise to provide seawater reverse osmosis membranes and expertise to the company’s subsea desalination plants. Subsea reverse osmosis (RO) desalination presents a sustainable and more economical new way to turn seawater to freshwater. As subsea desalination leverages the natural hydrostatic pressure found at the depths of the seaContinue reading “Dupont Facilitates Subsea Desalination”