Video Game Helps Develop AI for Coral Research

Marine ecosystems are in the midst of a conservation crisis, with coral reefs in particular facing numerous challenges as a result of climate change. In an effort to better understand these environments and the threats they face, researchers collect huge image libraries of these underwater environments, using 3D imagery collected from divers and snorkelers, asContinue reading “Video Game Helps Develop AI for Coral Research”

Linda Fagan Nominated Vice Commandant of US Coast Guard

Vice Adm. Linda L. Fagan has been nominated by the White House to be the next vice commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard. She currently serves as the commander of the Coast Guard Pacific Area, overseeing all Coast Guard missions from the Rocky Mountains to the waters off the East Coast of Africa. Fagan concurrentlyContinue reading “Linda Fagan Nominated Vice Commandant of US Coast Guard”

2021 Lift eFoil Lineup Launches

Lift Foils has launched its 2021 eFoil lineup. The eFoil is a surfboard powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery and electric propulsion system that allows riders to levitate over water. Lift was the first company to bring this groundbreaking watercraft to market. Lift’s 2021 eFoil board lineup includes the LIFT2, LIFT3, and LIFT3 Elite, grantingContinue reading “2021 Lift eFoil Lineup Launches”

World’s First Foiling Electric Ferry to Debut in Stockholm

The all-new foiling Candela P-30—the world’s fastest all-electric passenger ship—will hit Stockholm’s waterways in 2022, shuttling passengers to and from the archipelago above the waves without wakes, noise and CO2 emissions. Candela P-30 is the world’s first foiling electric passenger ship and the first electric passenger ship with long range and high speed. It isContinue reading “World’s First Foiling Electric Ferry to Debut in Stockholm”

Webinar Apr. 14: Ocean Enegry Outlook in US, Canada, Mexico

IEA-OES will hold the “Ocean Energy Outlook in U.S.A, Canada and Mexico” webinar on Apr. 14. This is the first of a webinar series focused on ocean energy projects and key policies for IEA-OES member countries. This webinar will provide an outlook on the latest initiatives and projects in the ocean energy sector in the threeContinue reading “Webinar Apr. 14: Ocean Enegry Outlook in US, Canada, Mexico”