Blue Economy Potential in Caribbean

Dr. Valerie Hickey, the World Bank’s Practice Manager for Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean, said the blue economy can unlock inclusive sustainable jobs across the Eastern Caribbean. Hickey made this statement during a presentation at OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) SDM (Sustainable Development Movement) 2020, citing strongContinue reading “Blue Economy Potential in Caribbean”

Tongans Question Seabed Mining Proposal

Tonga held a national consultation on seabed mining with representatives from the five island groups and participants from church, civil society, youth groups, and the fishing and tourism sectors. Tongans want more information from government about the implications of potential seabed mining. The ocean is the main source of livelihood for 90% of Tongans. ThereContinue reading “Tongans Question Seabed Mining Proposal”

Launch of First Blue Economy ETF

Following the launch of the first circular economy ETF in May 2019, BNP Paribas Asset Management is expanding its range of sustainable thematic investments through the launch in October 2020 of the first ETF based on the blue economy theme. The blue economy is defined by the World Bank as the sustainable use of oceanContinue reading “Launch of First Blue Economy ETF”

Platform for Simple, Secure, Sustainable Trade

ShipServ has developed a new platform to help maritime buyers and suppliers seize the opportunities of the blue economy; trading simply, securely and sustainably. Maritime buyers will now be able to see suppliers’ sustainability credentials more clearly and can analyze a supplier’s performance, as well as their commercial, social and environmental capabilities. Buyers can chooseContinue reading “Platform for Simple, Secure, Sustainable Trade”

Seatrec Raises $2 Million in Seed Funding

Seatrec, a renewable energy company that harvests energy from temperature differences in the environment, announced its $2 million seed funding round led by previous investor Dr. Norge Larson, with participation from Sunstone Management, Frontier Angels, SeaAhead’s Blue Angels and returning investors from Pasadena Angels. Larson will bring his background in blue tech and business experienceContinue reading “Seatrec Raises $2 Million in Seed Funding”