Free Curriculum to Manage Ocean Plastic Pollution

Ocean Legacy Foundation (OLF), a Canadian nonprofit organization that develops and implements worldwide plastic pollution emergency response programs with the goal to end ocean plastic pollution, has launched EPIC Academy. EPIC Academy is a free online educational platform providing essential knowledge regarding ocean plastic pollution, cleanup efforts and solutions for creating plastic-free lands and waters.Continue reading “Free Curriculum to Manage Ocean Plastic Pollution”

Job: Director of Ops, Washington Maritime Blue

Washington Maritime Blue, a nonprofit aiming to implement Washington State’s Strategy for the Blue Economy, is looking for a director of operations. This member of the senior management team is responsible for operational strategies for mission-oriented goals and objectives, including systems to operationalize finance, accounting, tax, insurance, contracts, legal, human resources, information technology, and theContinue reading “Job: Director of Ops, Washington Maritime Blue”

Recruitment for Maritime Decarbonization Jobs

UK recruitment company Consilium Recruit has secured a deal to work on a project to decarbonize maritime transport. The specialist jobs firm has been chosen by Belfast-based Artemis Technologies, which hasbeen awarded £33 million from the Strength in Places Fund to lead the development of new zero-emissions hydrofoil ferries and future maritime transport systems. ArtemisContinue reading “Recruitment for Maritime Decarbonization Jobs”

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster: Vitality Project

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announced four projects, including the cluster-building project called Vitality. The Vitality Project is a transformative approach to address the shared data challenges of the ocean economy. This project will capitalize on Canada’s ocean data to deliver definitive commercial outcomes to the businesses involved by advancing ocean data analysis, management and visualization capabilities,Continue reading “Canada’s Ocean Supercluster: Vitality Project”

Study Shows Marine Reserves Can Benefit Fisheries

A new study outlines where the benefits of fishing restrictions could enable a fishery to become more productive, even with the closures. The research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, lays the groundwork for expanding marine conservation alongside fishery catches. The benefits of a well-considered marine protected area (MPA) can bolsterContinue reading “Study Shows Marine Reserves Can Benefit Fisheries”