Saildrone Makes Autonomous Voyage from SF to Hawaii

The uncrewed, autonomous Saildrone Surveyor has arrived in Hawaii after a groundbreaking maiden voyage from San Francisco to Honolulu.  While ocean crossings are nothing new for Saildrone’s autonomous surface vehicles, the Saildrone Surveyor is a new, much larger class of vehicle optimized for deep-ocean mapping. During the 28-day voyage, the Saildrone Surveyor sailed 2,250 nauticalContinue reading “Saildrone Makes Autonomous Voyage from SF to Hawaii”

Personal Submersible

Triton Submarines LLC has delivered the first unit in its TRITON 3300/6 model series. As the world’s largest capacity acrylic-hulled personal submersible with a certified depth rating to 1,000 m (3,300 ft.). It can accommodate up to five guests. The Triton team worked closely alongside the owner’s representative for the project, SEMarine, which was instrumentalContinue reading “Personal Submersible”