E-Mobility Start-Up Challenge

Influence emobility, the world’s first communications consultancy solely dedicated to e-mobility, is announcing the Influence emobility Start-Up Challenge. The prize is a year’s worth of free consultancy and global promotion, worth approximately £60,000. The Start-Up Challenge, in partnership with the founder of Electric Vehicles Outlook, Roger Atkins, is a competition open to any e-mobility business,Continue reading “E-Mobility Start-Up Challenge”

Wärtsilä Explores Carbon Capture and Storage

Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment highlights the potential for exhaust gas abatement systems to directly tackle maritime carbon dioxide emissions in the near future, as technology advances and enables manufacturers to design and upgrade scrubbers to capture carbon at the point of exhaust. Wärtsilä has conducted extensive research and development to explore how carbon capture and storage (CCS)Continue reading “Wärtsilä Explores Carbon Capture and Storage”

Capital Fund Launches to Facilitate Inland Vessel Buying

Concordia Damen has launched the BesteVaer Capital Fund to facilitate the purchase of new and/or used inland vessels, thereby stimulating movement within the inland marine transportation sector. The company has made a business plan tool on its website to offer its customers–on a non-obligatory basis–the possibility of having a customized business calculated for a motorContinue reading “Capital Fund Launches to Facilitate Inland Vessel Buying”

Road Map to Develop Cell-Based Seafood

Meat alternatives are officially mainstream. To wit, Burger King added the plant-based Impossible Burger to its menu nationwide in 2019, and McDonald’s plans to unveil its own McPlant in 2021. Alongside these vegetarian options, many companies are also working to culture meat outside of animals grown from cell lines. Proponents highlight a range of potentialContinue reading “Road Map to Develop Cell-Based Seafood”

Ocean Startup Challenge

Canada’s Ocean Startup Project has launched the Ocean Startup Challenge to support individuals and teams who are developing technologies that have large market potential.  During the initial phase of the Ocean Startup Challenge, up to 10 prizes of $25,000 will be awarded, plus business support to the winning start-ups and scale-ups. Applicants who are notContinue reading “Ocean Startup Challenge”