Apply for Sea-Changers Innovation Fund

The Sea-Changers Innovation Fund is a new fund that has launched to encourage and support innovative ideas and projects for marine conservation in the U.K. The founding sponsor for the fund is MRT, a manufacturer of personal locator beacons (PLBs) and marine safety equipment that was founded by the inventor of the PLB, David Marshall,Continue reading “Apply for Sea-Changers Innovation Fund”

World’s Biggest Reef Restoration

Hope Reef, the start of the world’s largest coral reef restoration program, has been unveiled off the coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The reef, which can be seen on Google Earth, has been built to spell “H-O-P-E” (the word “hope”) and is a symbol to show the world how positive change can happen within our lifetime. Scientists estimate thatContinue reading “World’s Biggest Reef Restoration”

Climate Change Evidence from 150-Year-Old Research Voyages

For the first time, scientists have used ocean measurements taken on research voyages almost 150 years ago to learn more about how human activity has impacted climate change.  Scientists from the U.K. National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) have made the first combined study of water density measurements from theContinue reading “Climate Change Evidence from 150-Year-Old Research Voyages”

Report Highlights Role of Ocean in Carbon Solutions

The Marine Conservation Society has launched a new report in partnership with Rewilding Britain that highlights the need to look to blue carbon solutions in tandem with those on land to help the U.K. reach net zero by 2050. The significant role of the world’s forests in helping to reduce carbon emissions has been recognized, resultingContinue reading “Report Highlights Role of Ocean in Carbon Solutions”

8th-Graders Raise $21K for Great Lakes

Three eighth-grade students from Cherryland Middle School in Elk Rapids, Michigan, completed a 46.24-mile standup paddleboard trip from just below the Soo Locks to Drummond Island on the St. Mary’s River. The trio battled 15 mph headwinds, 2-3-ft. chop, rain, sleet and hail, not to mention the wake from 1,000-ft. freighters, and succeeded in raisingContinue reading “8th-Graders Raise $21K for Great Lakes”