Accuarate CO2 Data for Freight Forwarders

From January, 2021, PORTRIX LOGISTIC SOFTWARE (PLS) will integrate SeaRoutes’ CO2 emissions data into its Global Price Management (GPM) tool, a solution used by 12 of the top 20 freight forwarders. GPM’s users will now have the opportunity to: Determine which carriers offer the most sustainable service on a given trade-lane Seamlessly integrate CO2 inContinue reading “Accuarate CO2 Data for Freight Forwarders”

Nat Geo Interview: Sylvia Earle at 85

Famed ocean explorer and conservationist Sylvia Earle turned 85 earlier this year. She is the president and chairman of Mission Blue and has been a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence since 1998. She recently shared her thoughts on conservation with Nat Geo. Read the interview here.

Citizen Science with New Ocean Alert Mobile App

The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has released Ocean Alert, a new mobile data collection app for marine megafauna sightings. Collected data will help BOEM plan offshore energy and mineral development in ways that lessen the potential impacts to species such as sea turtles, sharks and whales and their habitats. BOEM developed theContinue reading “Citizen Science with New Ocean Alert Mobile App”

Oxford Net Zero Launches

The Oxford Net Zero initiative has launched to address the critical issue of how to reach global “net zero”–limiting greenhouse gases–in time to halt global warming. Leading academics from across the university’s disciplines, including geography, physics, economics, biology, law and Earth sciences, will come together to focus on the long-term questions necessary to achieve equitable, science-based solutions. OxfordContinue reading “Oxford Net Zero Launches”

Tanki: Sustainable TP

In support of global initiatives to reduce the amount of pollutants discharged to the marine environment, a U.K. start-up has developed a revolutionary sanitary paper that uses no adhesives or other nanoplastics in its manufacture. Tanki is able to supply a sustainably sourced and produced paper that does not congeal to clog up a vessel’sContinue reading “Tanki: Sustainable TP”