New Marine Conservation Social Fund

Sea-Changers has launched its new Marine Conservation Social Fund to support socially beneficial marine conservation approaches and solutions.
It is well documented that time spent in and near the ocean can have a hugely positive impact on well-being. It is also the case that volunteering has both individual and community cohesion benefits. That is why Sea-Changers is keen to fund projects that will achieve marine conservation outcomes alongside social, health and/or well-being benefits for the individuals and communities that participate.

Sea-Changers is particularly interested in funding pilot programs that, following careful evaluation, might be continued, expanded and/or replicated with additional funding in future years (subject to Sea-Changers securing such funding).
Applications are welcome from a wide range of U.K.-based organizations, including charities and nonprofits and community groups.
The 2021 fund totals £13,000, with an expectation of funding three to four projects in 2021, so grant requests should be £3,000 to £4,000.
The closing date for applications is Oct. 31, 2021. 
Details here:

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