Video: Waimea Rock Run Underwater

Earlier this summer, retired Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander and FORCE BLUE teammate Kaj Larsen teamed up with veteran Marine Raider Don Tran for what was supposed to be a one-mile underwater ruck run when clothing company TEN THOUSAND challenged them to a feat of strength: an unprecedented five-mile underwater ruck.

Using the freediving buddy system of one up and one down, the former special warfare operatives leapfrogged across the ocean floor for five miles, all while carrying a 45-pound rock. 

“The first 250 yards was brutal. It was not like the training in the pool. Here we had the ocean and current pushing us around. But like any marathon or mission we put one foot in front of the other and just grinded it out,” Larsen said. 

It took them six hours and 28 minutes. The entire extraordinary event is showcased in a documentary film you can see here.

Larsen and Tran dedicated their “Waimea Rock Run Feat of Strength” to FORCE BLUE.  Now, TEN THOUSAND will continue that support by donating 10% of all Tactical Short sales to FORCE BLUE throughout the month of August.

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