Combine Work and Travel on a Cruise Expedition

It’s now possible to mix business with pleasure in a whole new way with Hurtigruten Expeditions. The cruise line is launching an alternative to work from home, where you can enjoy wildlife, nature and adventure for part of the day and then rely on high-speed Wi-Fi when you need to work.

If your schedule is fairly flexible, you can work in your cabin or any of the open areas on board the ship when you need to. You could work on the balcony while cruising the Alaskan fjords, the Maine coastline or the West Coast of the U.S.

For your extended breaks, you can explore national parks like Redwood, Acadia or Katmai National Park, or visit the Aleutian Islands. During a lunch break, you could hike among the towering trees of the Pacific Coast, join a local lobster boat along the Atlantic coast or kayak the pristine waters of Alaska.

Source: Hurtigruten

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