2022 Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship Finalists

The 2022 finalists for the John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship program will become the 43rd class of one of the most prestigious marine policy fellowships in the U.S. The 74 finalists represent 28 of the 34 Sea Grant programs and 51 universities. 

Beyond completing rigorous academic programs, the 2022 finalists come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. The 2022 finalists include first-generation college graduates, former service members, and leaders in diversity and inclusion initiatives. They supported their communities as educators, mentors and volunteers; worked in international, national and state political offices; and engaged with scientific research at NOAA and other federal agencies. Furthermore, finalists are science communicators and artists who demonstrated their skills and desire to translate research to broad applications. This year’s class also includes an ultimate frisbee coach, a pilot, an ocean historian, a beekeeper, a slam poet, an ice hockey captain, a wood-block carver, and a blackbelt in taekwondo. 

Since 1979, Sea Grant has provided one-year Knauss fellowships to almost 1,500 early-career professionals to work in federal government offices in Washington, D.C.

Details on the 2022 Knauss Fellowship finalists are here.

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