UK Offshore Energy Workforce Transferability Review

The new U.K. Offshore Energy Workforce Transferability Review by Robert Gordon University (RGU) highlights that the offshore energy workforce mix will change significantly in the next 10 years, with roles in decarbonized energies projected to increase from 20% to 65% of all jobs in the offshore energy sector (oil and gas, offshore wind, carbon capture utilization and storage, and hydrogen). 

The review also indicates that over 90% of the U.K.’s oil and gas workforce have medium to high skills transferability and are well positioned to work in adjacent energy sectors. 

The opportunities for the U.K. energy supply chain and for jobs are significant, with over £170 billion investment to be made in capital and operating activities in the U.K. offshore energy sector over the next 10 years. The review shows that around 200,000 skilled people are expected to be required in the U.K. offshore energy industry to ensure delivery of the net-zero emissions target by 2030. However, it also highlights the consequences of not delivering the ambitions set by governments and industry and the associated impact on jobs. 

The review calls for the U.K. and other governments to work together with the offshore energy industry and further the higher education sector to ensure the managed transition of skills and experience in a way that protects and sustains key U.K. energy jobs. 

The review is available here.

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