8th-Graders Raise $21K for Great Lakes

Three eighth-grade students from Cherryland Middle School in Elk Rapids, Michigan, completed a 46.24-mile standup paddleboard trip from just below the Soo Locks to Drummond Island on the St. Mary’s River. The trio battled 15 mph headwinds, 2-3-ft. chop, rain, sleet and hail, not to mention the wake from 1,000-ft. freighters, and succeeded in raising $21,000 for Stand Up for Great Lakes, an organization raising awareness of environmental threats. The original goal was to raise $5,000.

Owen Werner, Max Ward and Jamie Peters paddled with Kwin Morris, their science teacher, and Joe Lorenz, who are co-founders of Stand Up for Great Lakes.

“My goal is to inspire people around the Great Lakes to stand up for them,” said Ward. “The Great Lakes are crucial to the lives of every living thing in and around the lakes.”

Source: Stand Up for Great Lakes

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