Citizen Science in Polar Bear Research

Oxford University is working with Canadian researchers on a first-of-its-kind project that will engage citizen volunteers to help advance knowledge about polar bear behavior in a changing environment by analyzing a decade’s worth of images captured by trail cameras.

The Arctic Bears Project is being led by Professor Douglas Clark, of the University of Saskatchewan, in collaboration with penguinologist Dr. Tom Hart of Oxford’s Department of Zoology. The project runs on the Oxford-based, the world’s largest online platform for citizen science, with more than 2 million volunteers worldwide assisting researchers across almost every discipline to annotate and organize data.

“This is a totally different way to do polar bear research,” Clark said. “It’s non-invasive, it involves the public for the first time, and it’s being done in a way that can carry on through the pandemic without endangering anyone in northern communities.”

Source: Oxford University

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