Windship’s Triple-Wing Rigs

Windship Technology, a British company with a whole-ship solution to tackle the CO2 emissions of the shipping industry, has unveiled its designs and announced an investment partnership with one of the world’s leading classification agencies.

Technical Director Simon Rogers and his design team developed and tested the company’s patented triple-wing rig. The technical team further developed a new diesel electric ship drive system that eliminates CO2, NOX, SOX and particulate matter to “true zero” while incorporating large solar arrays, carbon capture, optimized hull shapes, and specialized weather routing software into the overall design package. 

The triple-wing rigs produce a driving force several multiples greater than single-masted solutions of the same height currently being promoted in the industry. The 48-m Windship Technology rig is stowable on deck. Its composite structure is borne out of technology and design from the wind turbine industry, with reliability and longevity of at least 25 years.

DNV will conduct both an outside-in and inside-out verification to fully assess Windship Technology’s whole-ship design with a view to classifying emission reductions, safety, and operability.

Source: Windship

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