Apply for Underwater Robotics Award

Nominations for the new Gwyn Griffiths Underwater Robotics Award from the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) are due February 14, 2021.

The award will recognize people in the early to mid-stages of their career (under 40 years old) who have made outstanding contributions to underwater robotics. The winner will receive £500.

Submission requirements are:

  • A letter of nomination or application that describes how the candidate meets the criteria.
  • The letter should be no more than 2 pages in length. Supporter(s) of the nomination/application may add their signature to this letter or supply an email that indicates their support for the candidate.
  • A 100-word citation or appraisal of the candidate’s research describing their contributions in a way easily understandable to those outside the discipline.
  • A curriculum vitae.
  • All applications/nominations to be received by by 14 February 2021.

Source: SUT

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