New Icebreaker Concept

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has launched the Calypso, a new icebreaker concept boat equipped with an innovative hybrid motorized removable bow powered by Danfoss Editron. The icebreaker vessel is currently moored in Mustola harbor in Lappeenranta, Finland, and has begun operating on Lake Saimaa and the deep waterways of the surrounding area.

The removable bow, the world’s largest motorized of its kind, has been delivered by Turku Repair Yard as part of the Winter Navigation Motorways of the Sea II project. The €7.6 million scheme, co-funded by the EU Connecting Europe Facility program, aims to develop and enhance the maritime winter navigation system and safety. One of its key targets was the creation of a motorized ice-breaking removable bow concept, which would enable ice-strengthened vessels to be used as icebreakers during the winter. This specific bow is capable of breaking ice up to 70-cm thick.

Source: Danfoss

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