Oxford Net Zero Launches

The Oxford Net Zero initiative has launched to address the critical issue of how to reach global “net zero”–limiting greenhouse gases–in time to halt global warming.

Leading academics from across the university’s disciplines, including geography, physics, economics, biology, law and Earth sciences, will come together to focus on the long-term questions necessary to achieve equitable, science-based solutions.

Oxford Net Zero will provide advice and expertise in the global “race” to net zero by national governments, global industry leaders and international organizations.

Essential questions that Oxford Net Zero will address include:

  • How will carbon dioxide be distributed between the atmosphere, oceans, biosphere, and lithosphere?
  • Where will it be stored, in what forms, how stable will these storage pools be, and who will own them and be responsible for maintaining them over the short, medium, and long terms?
  • How does net-zero policy extend to other greenhouse gases?
  • How will the social license to generate, emit, capture, transport, and store carbon dioxide evolve over the coming century? 

Source: Oxford University

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