Tanki: Sustainable TP


In support of global initiatives to reduce the amount of pollutants discharged to the marine environment, a U.K. start-up has developed a revolutionary sanitary paper that uses no adhesives or other nanoplastics in its manufacture.

Tanki is able to supply a sustainably sourced and produced paper that does not congeal to clog up a vessel’s sewage treatment system or pollute the environment.

Tanki 2-Ply uses virgin pulp, a byproduct of timber grown for housing, from verified sustainable and actively managed sources. A patented binding system bonds the ply.

Compliant with MARPOL Annex IV and V, the paper completely disperses and disintegrates when submerged in water. There is no risk of pollution or chemical contamination if effluent is discharged overboard.

Under MARPOL, the discharge of sewage is prohibited within 12 nautical miles, unless a vessel operates an approved treatment plant. Treated sewage can then be discharged three nautical miles from the nearest land.

Source: Tanki

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