Blue Economy Potential in Caribbean

Dr. Valerie Hickey, the World Bank’s Practice Manager for Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean, said the blue economy can unlock inclusive sustainable jobs across the Eastern Caribbean.

Hickey made this statement during a presentation at OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) SDM (Sustainable Development Movement) 2020, citing strong political and stakeholder consensus.

The size of the ocean space of OECS states is much larger than their landmass. OECS and other Caribbean countries have for decades been dependent on the blue economy, mainly through tourism, but they are only now beginning to grasp the full potential of the blue economy. Tourism accounts for 15% of the GDP of Caribbean countries and 14% of jobs.

Fisheries and aquaculture are being touted as the net blue economy growth drivers after tourism. Research shows that the average person consumes 40 pounds of fish per year. Globally, 171 million metric tons of fish is consumed every year.

Source: St. Kitts & Nevis Observer

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